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"Dr. Cartier is a well qualified and passionate Orthodontist. She has attended top schools and is Board Certified, which few Orthodontists are.  Being Board Certified indicates a willingness to go the extra mile to stay on top of all the latest procedures.  Though education is very important, so is being committed to being the best that you can be in your field, and Dr. Cartier demonstrates this.  Dr. Cartier has worked on both my children and the results are truly amazing.  Dr Cartier is clearly one of the most qualified and caring Orthodontist’s you can find and I highly recommend her."

-David M. 

"As an adult I found myself needing braces. I inquired with friends to find a good orthodontist, and I received consistently positive recommendations for Dr. Michelle Cartier...in fact no other orthodontist was even mentioned.  I scheduled a (free) consultation with her, after which I felt completely confident that she could correct the problems I was having.  The results were fantastic. I am very happy I did it. The atmosphere of Dr. Cartier’s office is personable yet professional, and her effervescent personality made my orthodontic experience actually enjoyable. Since that time she has seen both of my children and given them beautiful smiles too."

 -Abigail S.

"When I first met Dr. Michelle Cartier, I was immediately impressed by how approachable she was and how comfortable I felt with her.  It was obvious that she was not only passionate about her profession but equally as concerned about my orthodontic issues and how best to help me.   Dr. Cartier’s individualized focus, her attention to detail, and her willingness to be available for questions or concerns have consistently characterized her style throughout my treatment.   

Dr. Cartier is a consummate professional, thorough in every regard and quick to reach out for collaboration with other professionals concerning my care when needed.  Additionally, she is an absolute delight.  Her positive and upbeat manner coupled with her skill has made my orthodontic journey both joyful and successful.  And for that, I am thankful."

-Jeanie W. 


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